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Providing Appraisal & Appraisal Management Services for Maine Lenders

Property Valuation Services is proud to be the only Maine-owned and operated appraisal management company in the State. Our appraisal management services provide lenders with peace of mind by managing their appraisal ordering, reviewing, and accounts payable services to appraisers with no cost passed on to the lender. While lowering the cost of our client’s overhead by outsourcing these services to PVS, we more importantly give assurance to our clients that all levels of compliance are maintained. Each and every appraisal is delivered with an authentic certification from PVS stating that the appraisal was completed in accordance with the Appraiser Independence Requirements, The Dodd-Frank Act, Federal Reserve Board Interim Final Rule, and the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines.

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Our appraisal panel is arguably the most experienced and qualified panel of Maine appraisers currently assembled. Over 80% of our appraisal panel are Maine Certified Appraisers – we guarantee no other AMC can claim experience like that in Maine.

Most AMC’s shop individual appraisal order to find and hire the most cost effective appraiser (i.e. the cheapest), whereby maximizing the AMC’s net profit per order – NOT AT PVS. Our management fee is fixed and minimal compared to our competition – this enables us to pay higher fees to the appraiser. After all, the appraiser’s job has never been more challenging than it is in today’s market.

Our appraisals are also assigned with thoughtfulness to geographic competency. By the simple fact that we are located in Maine and work among the appraisers on our panel, we are able to understand and appreciate the geographic overlays of our vendors. Just another way we ensure compliance from start to finish.